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Do You Have Trouble Meeting College Girls?

"Trying to meet girls on campus wasn't like high school. I had a girlfriend for all of high school, so I never learned to meet girls. When I got to FAU, I realized I had no idea how to approach girls. I spent a year alone doing nothing but trying to get my ex-girlfriend to go back out with me and tooling around on the web in my free time. I was so relieved when I found a college dating guide written just for college guys.
- Ronnie, Florida Atlantic University

Dear Friend,

You might have read about me in your college paper or heard me on your local radio station. If you haven't, today is your lucky day. I always start my interviews the same way — you DON'T have to be lonely in college, you can meet college girls have a Rockstar experience filled with fun and hot girls, because college girls WANT to have SEX and WANT a boyfriend.Picture 1

How do I know? I'm Gatsby, the only guy on the planet who spent four years of college mastering the art of meeting college girls. I've gotten countless phone numbers, made out with hundreds and hundreds of girls and slept with more women than I could ever count. I've attended seminars, read books, studied videos, and personally watched other college players work their magic.

Would You Like to Know Everything I Know About College Girls?

I've absorbed enormous amounts information and have spent the last year putting together a guide for college guys that is easy to understand, even EASIER TO APPLY, and that really works.

I found out about Gatsby's guide while performing a Google search on meeting sorority girls. I saw someone recommended the dating guide, so I looked it up and after liking what I read, I purchased. It was one of those things where you're looking for something and while in the process of that, you find something better. I wasn't expecting to find the guide, but I'm glad I did! - R.A.P., U.T. Austin

Picture 2

I'm going to tell you something that I learned my first month in college. You can make friends in college and still be lonely. After orientation ended, it seemed like everyone but me had a big group of college friends. Students were already in relationships and everyone was talking about who got drunk and who hooked up. I sure didn't get any invites to sorority parties.

Did you miss out on this? More college guys do than you realize. But it's not too late for change. You can talk to college girls, go to college parties, get phone numbers and even make outs days from today.

Orientation is coming up again soon. This time, you'll meet girls during orientation.

You Can Meet College Girls Now

College sucks without women in your life. It's like a bottomless pit that gets harder to climb out of each semester. By the time first semester ended, I felt so pathetic. I wanted to drop out. People start to know you as the nice guy who never has a girlfriend. Girls will be nice to you but they feel weird around you. You try to meet girls on Facebook. You try to meet girls on PlentyofFish, but no matter what you say, girls don't respond to you. You are surrounded by people but you're all alone.

That was my reality first semester of college. But by second semester I learned it wasn't my fault. And if you're not meeting girls in college, it's not your fault. This is because college girls have a unique set of needs that no one tells men about.

If you could meet more college girls, how would it make you feel? What if you could go out with any girl you want in college?It's VERY possible. I've seen it and I've done it.

How Long Will You Wait for a Girlfriend?

How long are you willing to wait? One semester? One year? After college? Many guys will have sex once (I mean literally once) in college, according to statistics. 1 in 5 guys won't ever have it. All those girls around and no sex with any of them. Beautiful college girls everywhere and so many guys have no clue how to strike up a conversation with them, let alone have sex with them. Maybe that's why so many guys think girls suck. Having sex doesn't have to be luck. You can meet college girls soon, and on your terms!

Maybe you want to sleep with the hottest sorority girls, you want a few sexual relationships in college, or you want to get married in college. All of these possible are for any guy — especially you. You just have to know what to do and when to do it.

There is a guide that tells you exactly how to do it. If you haven't heard me talk about it on the radio, it's called "The College Guide To Dating."

What you are about to acquire is the type of knowledge that the popular guys don't want you to have. If you knew what they know, they would have one more guy to compete with and they do not want that.

Are You Curious About the College Guide to Dating?

Here are a few the things you will learn:

How Much Do You Think This Knowledge Costs?

What would you give to get this part of your life handled? I remember sitting at home on Saturday night knowing that the popular guys were out having a great time with gorgeous females. I would have given anything to be in their place — you name it — three hundred dollars, four hundred dollars, even two thousand dollars! You know how hard those nights can be. Picture 1

The reason I know my techniques work is two-fold. One, all the guys that have read this book and used the techniques have almost instantaneous results. Two, this book was reviewed by a variety of females and they are amazed at the accuracy of the information.

All the information that I include is tested! That's right, I have personally gone out and tested everything that I wrote hundreds of times. I know what works and what doesn't. This stuff isn't hypothetical, it's real.

I include plenty of real life conversations that my friends and I have had with females – conversations that will stun you.

This Book Used to Cost $14.95

The College Guide to Dating won't JUST get college girls into your life. It won't JUST get you sex with college girls. It's going to do something more. It will give you the satisfaction that your time in college was more than just classes and friends. Why is this? I can tell you because I know. When you have girls in your life, you learn things you about yourself, you get loved, you learn to love — and have a sense of self-worth that no one can take away from you.

You can be that guy who goes to the cafeteria with a smokin' hot girl in a mini-skirt by your side. Picture 5You can walk into the campus quad and people will turn and stare, wondering how you got that girl. You are going to be the one that everyone admires. Your days of wondering what that's like are over, because the answers are right here at your fingertips.

Meeting girls on campus will be natural and fun. The quad will become your personal girl buffet, because it's one of the best places to meet college girls. Don't be suprised if you become the guy your friends go to for dating advice. :-)

Do Yourself A Favor and Buy This Book

It doesn't cost $100, it doesn't cost $50, it doesn't even cost $14.95 anymore. For the price of one fast-food meal, a mere $7.95, you can get this book and change the course of your entire dating situation. It costs so little because it's selling so much that my publisher let me lower the price. It's got more than 100 pages of information that doesn't exist anywhere else. You will use it for the rest of your life.

I guarantee that the College Guide To Dating will improve your success with college girls. I'm so confident you will be successful that you get a money back guarantee. If you don't like it after 90 days, you'll get a full refund. But that's not all — you'll also a $25 dollar credit toward my e-mail consultations* AND my publishing company will give you any book from their catalog for free! They can do this because no one returns the book.

For the price of $7.95, you have nothing to lose.

“I don't look like anyone else or talk like anyone else at my school. I'm in the computer science program and there are no girls. All my friends go to school in Boston but I came here because I got a scholarship. After two years of not talking to any girls, I was going crazy. I was scared that two more years would pass and still I would be alone. I wanted a college girlfriend and I found Gatsby's guide. It is very easy to read and even I can follow his instruction even though I am very shy. I was talking to girls in weeks. I have a girlfriend now and she thinks I'm great. I am embarrassed to say this, but without Gatsby's college dating guide I would still be a virgin.
- Desi, University of Missouri

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